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Dollhouse Wallpaper

This dollhouse wallpaper is perfect for your miniaturized home! It has the perfect mix of delicatelynamed details and roughneck truckloads of bright colors. It's perfect for making any home addition a special place!

Dollhouse Wallpaper Art Panel

Doll House Wallpaper

Doll house wallpapers: 1. A doll house with everything placement and a beautiful layout. A doll house with a stunning layout in different colors.

Vintage Dollhouse Wallpaper

This is a vintage dollhouse wallpaper that we recommend. It is a miniaturized version of the wallpaper, so it will fit well in any room. The wallpaper is made with high-quality miniaturize pigment and filter paper. this wallpaper is for the dollhouse miniature wallpaper - victorian - strawberry birds 124 scale. This is a great wallpapers for those who love to create their own dollhouse! This vintage dolls house wallpaper is perfect to add a touch of luxury to your home office or bedroom. With its beautiful castle cobblestone wallpaper, you'll be able to forget that you're living in a simple, but comfortable house. This is a beautiful dollhouse wallpaper with a scale of 112. Reclaimed wood floor with a grey background is the perfect mix of colors for this room.