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Faux Wood Wallpaper Border

Looking for a beautiful forest scene on a wall? Faux Wood wallpaper Border 3118-35711 b is a first-rate design for you! With healthy mangroves and peaceful rivers through Faux Wood Border 3118-35711.

Faux Wood Wallpaper Border Amazon

This Faux Wood wallpaper Border is splendid to add a pop of color to each room, with its antiqued brass color and round shape, Faux Wood grain contact paper self adhesive wallpaper is sure to add personality to evey room. With its americana village inspired design, you'll get plenty of reasons to adore this piece, with its greek roman coins and silver marbled effect, this wall Border will add a touch of luxury to evey room. The natural wanting is a terrific match for any décor or addition to evey home, this Faux Wood wallpaper is fabricated of self adhesive vinyl and can be placed in any room in your home with a little bit of fun.