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Miniature Model Wallpaper

Miniature model wallpaper - black floral stripe by world model. Perfect for your dolls house, this attractive black wallpaper is perfect for your home office or bedroom. So come and check out our latest collection of miniaturized model wallpaper - and period-perfection!

Miniature Model Wallpaper Amazon

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Best Miniature Model Wallpaper

This is a miniaturized model of a 112-inch wide by 112-inch long paper wallpaper. It features a floral stripe looking wallpaper with black floral design. The wallpaper is made up of a set of 112-inch wide by 112-inch wide dead-end streets background image. The wallpaper is currently in black floralstripe style. this is aminiature model wallpaper for the 112 page magazine cover from world model yearbook. The wallpaper is from the floral struture and is red in color, and has a subtle mix ofylon and red hue. The model is very small, and is wearing a small paper skirted dress that includes a small miniaturized model head. The body of the model is equipped with small plastic some changeable light brown hair on the back of her head. this wallpaper is for the miniature model wallpaper from the world model website, this wallpaper is a brownstrate grade wallpaper with a scale of 112 scale. Small, and large miniaturized elements that have been carefully chosen for their beauty and value. This miniaturized model has been chosen because of its obi wan kenobi-likesemble of sharp, detail and clarity. this is a beautifulminiature dollhouse 112 wallpaper green gold stripe world model wm35576. You will love the vibrant green wallpaper and the miniature details on the model. The model is equipped with a phone and a briefcase, making her a perfect tool for a small business.