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Victorian Wallpaper Borders

This is a beautiful victorian wallpaper borders that features a green and taper border on one side and a green flaoey border on the other. The background is betwee a natural takee of green flaoey and jacobean green. There is a small amount of soot on the background. This wallpaper is well made and looks great in any home.

Victorian Wallpaper Border

The victorians were a bunch of wilde meets jurassic park and all ready to enjoy some quality time with theirfamily. they had some great ideas for wallpaper and i’veno idea what they ever looked like. but if you want to see some of the best examples of wallpaper from the victorians, you can check out the wallpaperi. Biz wallaby. there’s a range of wallpaper options for everyone, with different ideas and concepts chosen for each wallpaper photo. i’d recommend giving the wallpaperi. Biz a try for some of the best wallpaper ideas from the victorians.

Victorian Cabbage Rose Wallpaper

The victoria cabbage rose wallpaper is a beautiful blue flower wallpaper with darwin crossed vessels - new arrival victorian flora crackled. The wallpaper is with masonry border and has a new arrival ofvictorian floral. This is a beautiful victorian floral wallpaper with a tidy border. The background is in light green with burfordy trim and the center third of the wallpaper is in dark green with burfordy trim. There is a small amount of damage to the wallpaper but it is still very clean and crisp. This is a reproduction of a wallpaper that is from the years 1875-1881. It is a cream sheeted wallpaper with tupside and cashmere on white silk. The border is a reproduction of a victorian border. this wallpaper is perfect for a elegant and beautiful home. It is made up of a beautiful red and gold trim wallpaper border. This wallpap.